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Unlocking The Potential Within Every Horse and Rider


Learn to influence your horse through the power of your body. Become stable, effective, and subtle.


Rider biomechanics coaching opens the door to the unconscious skills of inherently talented riders and makes them accessible to the rest of us by:

  • training the rider to be aware of the inherent patterns of their body

  • providing the tools and language to make profoundly influential connections with their horse

  • improving communication between human and horse regardless of breed or discipline

  • building confidence & focus in both rider and horse

Great for riders who:

  • are returning after an extended break from riding

  • know that there is more to improving their partnership and want to know "how"

  • want to build confidence

  • want to excell


Like humans, horses are naturally crooked from birth. In dressage one of the steps towards collection is straightness, but lack of straightness interferes with every stage of training until it is addressed. 

Straightness training in hand, in long lines, and under saddle can correct the naturally occurring asymmetries of your horse to improve:

  • balance

  • relaxation

  • rhythm

  • suppleness

  • quality and symmetry of gaits

  • collection

Functional straightness while ridden is important for all horses in all disciplines as it can help prevent:

  • soft tissue damage

  • arthritic changes

  • excessive wear and tear



Rider | Coach | Horse Trainer


Cerice Berndsen is second generation professional horsewoman, passionate about expanding and sharing both knowledge and skill. She is dedicated to horsemanship as a sport, art form, and way of life. Committed to understanding and supporting the ways both human and horse can truly work together, she helps her students to achieve a partnership with their horses through focused, clear communication.


As a professional trainer and riding coach, Cerice is versed in many disciplines with a focus on the dynamic relationship between rider & horse biomechanics. She is a student of rider biomechanics under Mary Wanless and working towards accreditation through Ride With Your Mind.




Western riding, youth-2007

Competitive Draft Horse Driving, singles and pairs; non-competitive 4 &6 horse hitch, 4 abreast. 1991-2001

Jumping 1994-2001

Volunteer, Special Olympics World Games, Old Lyme, CT 1995

Carriage horses/curator of historic carriage museum 2005-2012

Icelandic Horses 2008-2015

Dressage 1998- present

Biomechanics 2013- present

"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle."

Winston Churchill



Rider Biomechanics

Rider Biomechanics Lessons




Haul-In or

Client location

15 mile travel range



Straightness training on the longe or in long lines



Haul-In or

Client location

15 mile travel range



A customized combination of in-hand, long lines and under saddle.

Client location

15 mile travel range

Clinics & Consulting

Two and Three Day Clinics Available 



Per day fee plus travel.

Based in Columbus, North Carolina in close proximity to Tryon International Equestrian Center


Haul-in lessons and training available at Hallen Hill Farm in Inman, SC. $10 ring fee applies. Day Stalls available


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