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Post Clinic Virtual Support

3-Video Assessment Package

Image by Philippe Oursel
Image by Corinne Kutz
Image by Iyus sugiharto

Submit up to 3 videos

Get Your Feedback Video

Book An Optional Zoom Call

  • Video your rides- Have a friend help, or use a robotic video device like Pivo.

    • Limit each video submission to 15 minutes.

    • Be sure to get footage of whatever you would like help with from both sides, straight on, and riding away from the camera.

    • Feel free to talk to me about what you're experiencing! That always helps.

  • Upload to YouTube - or any other video or file sharing platform 

  • Submit via email

I'll send you a video response recorded as I review your video including:

  • Assessment of your progress

  • Instructions for how to improve or work on the next skills  

  • Tips & resources curated to your unique horse & rider needs

Want even more support? Book an optional Zoom Call where we can discuss the feedback you've recieved.

This is a great option for clarifying points, getting demonstrations and resistance exercises to work on, and diving deeper into more complex issues you or your horse may be experiencing.


Package of 3 Video Assessments - $110

Zoom Call - $45/30 minutes

Payment Via PayPal or Venmo
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