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Katherine Stancliff,

Stancliff Saddle Fitting

I can't say enough great things about Cerice's balanced and biomechanical approach to training! I've been absolutely astounded at the difference in musculature and balance I've seen in equine clients we share, one that went from the most asymmetrical horse I've saddle fit to being virtually straight in less than a year of training. I expect positive benefits from training in young horses like that, but this guy was in his teens and well established as "crooked" from his anatomy!


Teresa Lyter,

Lesson Student

Cerice is a true teacher. She has a strong intuitive sense of the needs of both horse and rider, as well as extensive knowledge of and experience with many different breeds and disciplines. She knows when to give that extra push while still maintaining a feeling of safety, helping the rider to build confidence with each lesson. She is supportive, patient, kind, and always maintains a sense of humor.


Harriet Goodrich,

Training Client

Engaging Cerice to give my young horse his early education is money very well spent. She is quietly and tactfully introducing him to the rigors of transitioning from pasture ornament to riding horse in such a way that there has been no stress associated with it, thereby maintaining his cheerful outlook on life and people.

It is a great pleasure for me to watch the training process because it is being done with such tact and sensitivity to the horse, using appropriate and effective training techniques. I recommend Cerice for early equine education without hesitation.


Sally Lochridge,

Training & Lesson Client

Our previous experience with trainers left my horses and me with what I can only describe as "post-traumatic stress". Thanks to Cerice's ability to tailor her sessions to address the individual horse's and rider's needs, her patience, kindness, and intelligence, my horses and I can now resume our journey in developing a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust and self-confidence.


Suanne Then,

Training & Lesson Client

Cerice is absolutely brilliant for both horse and rider. She has an ability to see the horse from the inside out. The woman is amazing!

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